EVERYONE IS WELCOME at Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre in Pocklington, near York. Thousands of people visit us each year. We are a Centre of Modern Buddhism that is open to the public year-round.
ENJOY MEDITATION classes, courses and retreats, relax in the World Peace Café,
stroll around the stunning grounds, unwind as a guest in the B&B, or volunteer your time and skills.
OUR CLASSES, COURSES & RETREATS offer something for everyone, of all levels of interest and experience, including those who have never meditated. We invite you to explore our website and look forward to your visit.

New year Course

Learn to Meditate Weekend Retreats

 6-8 April

New year Course

The Art of Positive Thinking

Sat 24 February 10am-1pm

Sat 10 March From Anxiety to Inner Peace with Gen Togden
Session times: 10-11:30am, 12noon-1pm, 3-5pm
Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that affects most people in varying degrees. The stronger our karmic tendency to feel anxious, the more negative our outlook on life becomes. If we are not careful, our anxiety response can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. On this course you will learn how to train your body and mind to respond differently to the perception of threat or danger. By training in various meditation techniques and constructive ways of looking at the situation we will gradually increase our experience of inner peace, which is the foundation of our happiness.
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Sat 24 March 10am-5pm How to Purify Negative Karma with Gen Togden
Session times: TBC.

Did you know that karma can be purified? We all have committed negative actions in the past. Those potentialities remain in our mental continuum and when they ripen we experience problems and suffering. We must protect ourself by purifying our negativity while we have the opportunity. Join this workshop to learn purification practices and become your own protector.
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