Day and Half-Day Meditation Courses

Short meditation courses offering practical solutions to everyday problems derived from
the teachings of Buddha.

Half day courses £15 including refreshments.
There are also options to book a light lunch in the main dining room (£3.50)
Full day courses £25 including lunch and refreshments.


Half day course at Madhyamaka KMC

Saturday 6th May

Love, Desire and Attachment
Learn to distinguish between love and desirous attachment. These two are easily confused, but desirous attachment brings only problems, whereas love is the foundation of all stable and fulfilling relationships.






Half day course in York  with Kadampa teacher Nigel Woolsey

Saturday 10th June

Mindfulness and meditation




Day course  at Madhyamaka KMC

Saturday 1st July

A Meaningful Life
What is a meaningful life? On this course we will learn how to create inner wealth within our mind through spiritual practice.  In this way everything we think, say, and do becomes meaningful.
This stand-alone day course is part of a longer course running
from Fri 30th- Tues 4th July.





Half day course

Saturday September 30th

The Confidence to Change
Every teaching of Buddha is practical advice on how to improve ourselves and become the person we want to be. This course will empower us to develop great confidence in our potential and in our ability to create happiness.



Half day course in York
Saturday October 21st

Overcoming stress anxiety and worry

Stress, anxiety, and fear are nearly universal experiences of our busy modern lives. These very common states of mind rob us of our ability to enjoy our life, and to experience peace and happiness. Buddha’s timeless teachings offer a simple and yet profound alternative. If we can train our mind to respond to life’s challenges with a peaceful, positive attitude, all our ordinary problems and difficulties will fall away, and we will discover our true nature, which is infinitely calm, happy and stable. In this way we can learn to face life with clarity, inner strength, and profound peace





Day course at Madhyamaka KMC

Saturday 11th November

Death and Dying: a Buddhist perspective
Through teachings, meditations, discussion, and some guided prayers, Gen Delek will help us come to terms with our own mortality, overcome fear, and be confident in helping others who are dying. She will explain what is death and how we die from the Buddhist perspective.
It is essential to book for this popular course.




Half day course in York

Saturday 2nd December

Seeing beyond appearance (emptiness)





What to expect…

Each course includes teachings, guided meditation and discussion. Some people find it helpful to make notes during the sessions so you might want to bring a notebook.

Seating is on chairs so no need for any special clothing, just wear something comfortable. Meditation cushions are also available for use if you prefer.

These meditation events are held at various locations including Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre (Pocklington), as well as York and other surrounding towns.

An optional light-lunch can be booked alongside half-day courses at Madhyamaka KMC.

Fancy staying a few extra days before or after the course? Click here to book the Bed & Breakfast.