Day and Half-Day Meditation Courses

We offer workshops and meditation courses regularly to help you find practical solutions to everyday problems. The methods we teach to improve the quality of your life are derived from the teachings of Buddha.
Meditation techniques are explained and advice is given on how to overcome difficulties and develop our full potential. Everyone is welcome! It’s not necessary to have previous experience of meditation.

Half-day courses: £15 including refreshments
For half-day courses at Madhyamaka KMC there is the option to book a light lunch (£3.50)
Full-day courses: £25 including lunch and refreshments

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Overcoming Stress, ​Anxiety and ​Worry
Half-day course in York​
Saturday ​2​1​st October, ​10am –​1​pm
​​With Kadampa Teacher ​Richard Brown

Stress, worry, fear and anxiety are nearly universal experiences of our busy modern lives. These very common states of mind rob us of our ability to enjoy our life, and to experience peace and happiness. Buddha’s timeless teachings offer a simple and yet profound alternative. If we can train our mind with meditation and mindfulness, we can develop the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a peaceful and positive attitude. As a result, all our ordinary problems and difficulties will gradually fall away, and we will discover our true nature, which is an infinitely calm, clear and positive mind. In this way we can protect ourself from stress, worry and anxiety. We will discover a different source of happiness and enjoy inner peace and clarity regardless of external conditions.

This half day workshop will be held at:
St Olave’s Church Hall,
Marygate Lane,
YO30 7BJ

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Getting there
For car drivers Marygate car park is easy to find, being just off Bootham (the A19). Some of York’s park and ride and scheduled bus services run conveniently close, and the hall is only ten minutes walk from the station.

Death and Dying: a Buddhist Perspective
Day course at Madhyamaka KMC
Saturday 11th November, 10am-5pm
With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Togden

In our society, death and dying are often perceived as inherently negative topics of conversation and are often shrouded in confusion, grief and suffering. However, Buddhism offers a completely different perspective based on a profound understanding of the process of dying, the meaning of death, and what we can do to protect ourself and help others during such a critical passage in our life.Gen Togden, our Resident Teacher, has a lifetime of experience studying, meditating on and dealing with death and dying. He talks about death with clarity, sensitivity and wisdom. Through giving teachings, guiding meditations, and answering questions, Gen Togden will help us come to terms with our own mortality, overcome fear, and be confident in helping others who are dying. It is essential to book in advance for this popular course.

Seeing Beyond Appearance
Half-day ​course in York​

Saturday 2nd December, ​9:30am –​12:30​pm
​​With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Togden

Have you noticed how sometimes our mind changes and that changes everything? We all have this experience, sometimes our mind changes for the better and, unfortunately, other times it changes for the worse. As our mind changes, our interpretation of reality will follow suit. This is because whatever appears to us isn’t an objective reality, but rather a subjective experience. Buddha taught that until we are able to change appearances, we need to train our mind in changing how we think about them. We can decide to change our attitude towards what is happening and gain control over the situation. In this course the Buddhist monk Gen Togden will help us increase our practical wisdom in daily life. He will teach us methods that we can apply both in meditation and during our daily life to quickly transform our own attitude, looking at the situation with more wisdom, seeing the big picture. This will transform our life because we will have control over our own mind. How wonderful!

This half day workshop will be held at:
Priory Street Centre,
15 Priory Street,

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First session will begin at 9.30am and last session will end at 12.30pm.

To book a place, please email or phone 01759 304832.


What to expect…

Each course includes teachings, guided meditation and discussion. Some people find it helpful to make notes during the sessions so you might want to bring a notebook.

Seating is on chairs so no need for any special clothing, just wear something comfortable. Meditation cushions are also available for use if you prefer.

These meditation events are held at various locations including Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre (Pocklington), as well as York and other surrounding towns.

An optional light-lunch can be booked alongside half-day courses at Madhyamaka KMC.

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