Day & Half-day Workshops

The following day & half-day courses and workshops focus on specific topics. 

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience of meditation is required. Seating is either on chairs or cushions.

In York – half-day courses £15 & day courses £25 including refreshments.
At Madhyamaka – half-day courses £15 (option to book lunch for £3.50) & day courses £25 including lunch and refreshments.

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Sat 19 May 10am-4:30pm
Compassion, Wisdom
& Spiritual Power

Sat 16 Jun 10am-5pm
The Quick Path
Madhyamaka KMC

Monthly Sundays 11:30am-2pm
Sunday Out:
Meditation & Meal
Madhyamaka KMC

Sat 25 Aug 10am-4:30pm
from Within
Madhyamaka KMC

Sat 1 Sept 10am-1pm
Madhyamaka KMC

Saturday 19th May     10am – 4:30pm   Compassion, Wisdom & Spiritual Power
with Gen Tharpa in YORK
The three minds of Compassion, Wisdom & Spirtual Power are the methods to attain Enlightenment.
By devoloping these three qualities we will come closer to freedom from all suffering and increase our capacity to help others. On this day course Gen Tharpa will guide us towards develpoing these minds so we can quickly
attain the real meaning of our our life – enlightenment.
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Saturday 16th June     10am – 5pm   Tantra – The Quick Path
with Gen Tharpa
Buddha taught Tantra as a special method for training the mind by bringing the future result
– enlightenment – into the present path.
By overcoming ordinary appearances and conceptions we can enjoy the complete purity of our body, environment, enjoyments and deeds. This day course is a introduction to the profound empowerments that will be given at the summer festival 2018
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Inner peace…

Happiness from within…

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