Free Weekday Meditations

Lunchtime Meditations

12:30pm FREE CLASS

These shorter classes give you a chance to take a break at lunchtime.  You will be guided in meditations to let go of stress and tension, and experience an inner stillness and sense of well being. These meditations are guided by an experienced meditation Teacher and are based on the Living Meditation range of CDs available in the gift shop and also online as downloads from Tharpa Publications.
After the class, have a delicious light vegetarian lunch in the onsite World Peace Café for less than £5.


20 minutes to inner peace

Morning Meditations


These guided meditation sessions are a perfect way to start your day. Enjoy a guided breathing meditation, followed by a short reading from the book Transform Your Life and 10 minutes of quiet contemplation.

Everyone is welcome to these classes and no previous experience of meditation is needed.



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