Northern Dharma Celebration

Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment & teachings on the Kadampa Way of Life with Kadam Bridget Heyes
followed by a guided retreat 17-18 September with Gen Kelsang Tharpa




about the event: Je Tsongkhapa was like a spiritual father for the Tibetan people.

Recognised as an emanation of the Wisdom Buddha he appeared in Tibet in the 14th century to reform and revitalise Tibetan Buddhism.
He founded the Ganden Oral Instructions, the union of all Buddha’s teachings of Sutra and Tantra.
Due to his kindness we now have the opportunity to study and practice the essence of all Buddha’s teachings in this modern world.
Through receiving his blessing empowerment we will create a very special connection with him, and therefore be able to naturally increase our wisdom, overcome our obstacles and easily achieve realisations of all the stages of the path.


about the teacher: Kadam Bridget Heyes is known for her powerful teachings, compassionate heart, and deep understanding of Buddha’s wise advice. Her teachings are exceptionally clear and she presents profound ideas in a way that are easy to practice and integrate into daily life. Kadam Bridget is the UK
National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition. She is a senior disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has been teaching meditation and Kadampa Buddhism for over 20 years.


about the venue: Madhyamaka KMC is the very first centre to be established by renowned Buddhist teacher Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. With its stunning building and idyllic, peaceful setting, this is the perfect location to enjoy a relaxing weekend deepening our understanding of Buddha’s teachings to transform and improve our daily life.


about the retreat: The weekend will be followed by a 2-day retreat led by Gen Tharpa, the Resident Teacher of Madhyamaka KMC. He has great ability to convey the profound Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion with clarity and the depth that comes from his personal experience.



Fri 14th

6:00pm Supper
7:30pm Introduction with Gen Kelsang Tharpa

Saturday 15th

9:00am Meditation with Gen Kelsang Dema
11:00am Blessing empowerment with Kadam Bridget Heyes
1:00pm Lunch
4:30pm Teaching with Kadam Bridget Heyes
6:00pm Supper
8:00pm Wishfulfilling Jewel Chanted Prayers

Sunday 16th

9:00am Meditation with Gen Kelsang Dema
11:00 Teaching with Kadam Bridget Heyes
1:00pm Lunch

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