Prayers for World Peace (free)

We offer Prayers for World Peace in Pocklington as a free activity:

Sundays 10 – 11:15am

Madhayamaka KMC Kilnwick Percy Hall, Pocklington, YO42 1UF


Join us on Sundays and feel empowered to change yourself and change the world. These classes include a guided meditation, short teaching and beautiful chanted prayers for world peace. The focus is on solutions to problems in daily life, including genuine optimism through the development of altruism.

Most Sundays

This is a free activity and there is no need to book in advance. Everyone is welcome! 

Prayers for World Peace
The Buddhist Practice of Loving Kindness

Prayers for World Peace is a meditation class that gives us the opportunity to develop a warm and loving heart.

We all need to learn to cherish one another because this mind of love brings happiness to ourselves and everyone we come into contact with. In essence, learning to cherish others is the best method for establishing peace in the world, and for our own peace of mind in particular.

Each week we will cover a small section from the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness (which is available from our shop or from Tharpa Publications). Topics include: how to see the kindness and good qualities in others, reflecting on the many benefits of love, and how to cultivate positive views and intentions.


The New Eight Steps to Happiness shows us how to cherish others and how to remove the inner obstacles to universal love and compassion.

Everyone is welcome!




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