January Retreats


Every January, we hold a month of retreat enabling people to deepen their meditation experience and gain greater familiarity with the meditation practices. Attend one or more weeks, or come for the whole month.

To book for one of these retreats or to find out more information, please contact info@madhyamaka.org



Lamrim - stages of the path

week 1: 2 – 8 January 2017


with Guest Teacher, Gen Kelsang Sherab

The stages of the path to enlightenment, or Lamrim in Tibetan, is the backbone of Kadampa Buddhism.

Lamrim is a special set of instructions that includes all the essential teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni arranged in such a way that all his Hinayana and Mahayana teachings can be put into practice in a single meditation session.

It was compiled by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who was invited to Tibet by King Jangchub Ö in AD 1042, and who spent the rest of his life there spreading pure Dharma.



Gen Kelsang SherabGen Kelsang Sherab is the Resident Teacher at Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Newcastle. He inspires students with thought provoking and energising teachings.






Vajrayogini Retreat

week 2: 10 – 16 January 2017


The instructions on the practice of Vajrayogini contain concise and clearly presented meditations that are relatively easy to practise. The mantra is short and easy to recite, and the visualizations of the mandala, the Deity, and the body mandala are simple compared with those of other Highest Yoga Tantra Deities. Even practitioners with limited abilities and little wisdom can engage in these practices without great difficulty.

The practice of Vajrayogini quickly brings blessings, especially during this spiritually degenerate age. It is said that as the general level of spirituality decreases, it becomes increasingly difficult for practitioners to receive the blessings of other Deities; but the opposite is the case with Heruka and Vajrayogini – the more times degenerate, the more easily practitioners can receive their blessings.


*You must have received the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini
to engage in this retreat.


Mahamudra retreat

week 4: 24-30 January2017

week 3: 17 – 23 January 2017


Mahamudra is the very essence of Buddha’s teachings. It is an extremely profound subject and to understand it clearly and practice it correctly it is necessary to receive empowerment and instructions from a qualified Spiritual Guide.

The term ‘Mahamudra’ is Sanskrit. ‘Maha’ means ‘great’ and refers to great bliss, and ‘mudra’ here means ‘non-deceptive’ and refers to emptiness. Mahamudra is the union of great bliss and emptiness.

Mahamudra Tantra is defined as a mind of fully qualified clear light that experiences great bliss and realizes emptiness directly. Actual Mahamudra is necessarily a realization of Highest Yoga Tantra.

Mahamudra Tantra is a single mind that is both bliss and wisdom: it experiences great bliss and realizes emptiness directly. It is a collection of merit that is the main cause of a Buddha’s Form Body, and a collection of wisdom that is the main cause of a Buddha’s Truth Body, or Dharmakaya.

When we train in the meditations of Mahamudra Tantra we are transforming our continuously residing body and mind into a Buddha’s Form Body and Truth Body. Mahamudra Tantra, therefore, gives inconceivable meaning to our life.

For more information on Mahamudra, see the book Mahamudra Tantra or The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra.

Weeks 2,3 and 4 led byGen Delek

Gen Kelsang Delek, the Resident Teacher of Madhyamaka KMC. She has been a dedicated disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years and has been ordained for over 20 years. Gen Delek is known for the clarity and strength of her teachings, as well as her kind and caring nature.





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This winter, Madhyamaka KMC will offer separate close retreats on the practices of Heruka and Vajrayogini. These retreats are intensive retreats that help us to draw closer to these Buddhas, and to waken our own Buddha nature. They will be followed by Fire Pujas. Please enquire for further information.

*You must have received the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini to engage in this retreat.

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