Weekend & Longer Courses

Please join us at the upcoming courses on Meditation and Modern Buddhism. 

Everyone is welcome.

These weekends range from Learn to Meditate weekends to weekends that are more indepth – Most courses are suitable for beginners. If you are not sure if the course is suitable please contact us and we can advise you.The weekend is facilitated by experienced teachers within the relaxing environment of Madhyamaka KMC, a very beautiful and inspiring retreat and meditation centre in the Yorkshire Wolds. Everyone is welcome to take part in these retreats. In fact, people from all walks of life realise the importance of integrating meditation in their daily lives. We make every effort to help you feel comfortable. The community is easy-going, friendly and welcoming. Seating is either on chairs or cushions, whichever you prefer. There are various accommodation options and their prices include all meals and meditation sessions.

Sun 23rd – Thur 27th December:
Growing your Good Heart – Bodhichitta
with Gen Kelsang Gomchen, Resident Teacher of KMC London
The teachings and meditations will be based on Guide to the Bodhisattva’s way of Life.
Contemplating the verses in Shantideva’s Guide has a profoundly liberating effect on the mind. Gen Gomchen will explain their meaning in a way that is practical and relevant to everyday life and help us to move from suffering and conflict to happiness and peace, and gradually enter, make progress along and complete the path to enlightenment.

Sunday 23rd
7:30 – 9pm Introduction
9pm Hot Chocolate Refreshments in the lounge

Monday 24th
9:30 – 11am Session 1
12 – 1pm Session 2
3 – 4pm Session 3 Q&A
5 – 6pm Session 4
7.30 – 8.30pm Wishfulfilling Jewel chanted prayers

Tuesday 25th
11 – 12:30am Session 5 with Prayers for World Peace
1pm Special Christmas Lunch
4:30- 5:30pm Session 6
7:30 – 9:15pm Offering the Spiritual Guide chanted prayers

Wednesday 26th
9:30 – 11am Session 7
12 – 1pm Session 8
3 – 4pm Session 9 Q&A
5 – 6pm Session 10
7.30 – 8.30pm WFJ

Thursday 27th
9:30 – 11am Session 11
12 – 1pm Session 12

If you book the above Christmas course and the New Year course below the night in-between is FREE including your meals!


Friday 28th – 1 January 

New Year New You
with Gen Tharpa,  Resident Teacher of Madhyamaka KMC
Everyone wishes to become a better person, to improve their qualities. The New Year gives us the opportunity to reflect on the direction our life is taking and to be more clear about how we wish to change.

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Fri 15th – Sunday 17th March  

Learn to Meditate – Detox your Mind
with Gen Varahi
Kelsang Varahi is known for the clarity and strength of her teachings, as well as her kind and caring nature.

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Fri 3rd – Sun 5th May 2019

Overcoming Stress Anxiety & Depression
with Paul Jenkins  The resident Teacher of Tara KMC
Anxiety, stress & depression are unpleasant feelings that affects most people in varying degrees. If we are not careful, our responses can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. On this course you will learn how to train your body and mind to respond differently to the perception of threat or danger. By training in various meditation techniques and constructive ways of looking at the situation, we will gradually increase our experience of inner peace and be free from these negative and destructive states of mind.

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Fri 5th – Sunday 7th July   

Learn to Meditate – Learning to Let Go

with TBC
Teacher will be announced soon

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