What to expect at a Meditation Class

Q. Do I need to register or pay in advance?
No, not for the regular weekly classes, only for special events.

Q. Do I need any special clothing or equipment?
A. No special clothing or equipment is needed.

Q. Do we sit on the floor to meditate?
A. No, we sit on chairs. Meditation cushions are available at some classes if you wish to use them.

Q. How many people will come to the class?
A. Numbers vary from anything between 5 and 50 depending on the class.

Q. Do I have to attend every class?
A. All our classes are drop-in classes and can be attended at any time. Each class is self-contained so missing a class doesn’t matter at all.

Q. Do the classes finish at the end of the course?
A. While there is a good demand for the class it will continue. We take term breaks at Christmas, Easter and over the summer.

Q. Can someone who is a complete beginner come to the classes?
A. Yes, nearly all our classes are suitable for beginners.

Q. Do you offer any discounts for meditation classes?
Yes, we offer the Prepaid Card and Centre Card schemes – ask at the class for more information.

Q. If I want to take meditation further what can I do?
A. We offer the Foundation Programme and Teacher Training Programme for those who wish to further their study and practice of Buddhism.

Q. Do I need to be Buddhist to attend the classes?
A. Not at all, the classes are open to all. Everybody can benefit from learning how to develop and maintain inner peace and a loving heart.

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