Wheel of Life

Course starts with supper at 6pm on the Friday and finishes with lunch on the Sunday. Saturday can be attended as a one day event.

Wheel of Life weekend meditation course

Wheel of Life Diagram

Feb 21 – 23
with Western Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Thekchen

The Wheel of Life was a diagram drawn by Buddha and teaches the complete path to enlightenment. Included within it are Buddha’s teachings on The Four Noble Truths, telling us what we should know, what we should abandon, what we should practise and what you should attain.

This course will give a practical and contemplative tour of the Wheel of Life and show how we can use this diagram to inspire our meditations and guide us along the spiritual path.

Sessions will include guided meditations, talks and opportunity for questions.

The course is designed so that the Saturday can be attended as a one day event.

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